Monday, 5 March 2018

Second Year Anniversary, Get out of Unity3d Scammers Jail

Second Year Anniversary

This blog celebrates it's second year anniversary. It has done much work to combat fraud, and bring spotlights to certain no-portfolio artists who prey on unsuspecting customers.

Combat Fraud

People know about certain no-portfolio artists. Why don't you draw? Do you want to continue scamming?

Truebones is a work in progress. The guys who run this blog posted 60+ posts, 60+ videos on him. Amazingly Truebones doesn't know when to stop.

Will I get my name on this blog if I've done something illegal?

You won't get your name on this blog, unless you are reported many times on the Unity forums.

How do I get my name off this blog?

See below - "shown remorse and have compensated their victims".

Name Removals

There is no longer any reason to post their names and links of their deeds, and hence, removed.

We have removed GM (see refund post), CT, SPJ, JR, MS, BR, SL.

Also removed is TH, MY and two games. Those two games are dated 2012 and are covered in main-stream-media. There are hundreds of angry comments about those two games.

The above artists have shown remorse and have compensated their victims.

Friday, 2 March 2018

Carlos Wesley Bott 

"Contractor stole my deposit money and disappeared, never produced any work."

Carlos is scam-developer.

Carlos is a moonlighting employee at SAE, who re-outsources (makes it more expensive). He has been seen re-outsourcing projects from UAE to other people.

Why is Carlos posting fake-jobs for projects to overseas ppl for?
Shouldn't he be a full-time teacher at SAE?

Do yourself a favor - Is Carlos Bott doing all the work? (yes/no?)
If no - use someone else instead.

Scam Artist:
Carlos Bott, Carlos Wesley Bott, Carlos Villasista Bott

Type of Scam Artist: Fake Developer, Fake Employer

Position of Scam Artist: Developer

Resolution: No Cooperation

How to Detect:
Developer who claims to know coding, doesn't know anything

Does not do any work, after paying upfront

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Michael, former Unreal Moderator, part II

Continued from the Original article

Michael, has been going on rampage, harassing members of the Unreal forum. Then he fell from grace.

The UnrealEngine forums admins know it, that Michael has been making a game "Horizon" or Evil Horizon with Crusade Studio, formerly Prion-Games, Hidden-Blade, Eclision or whatever fake-game studio name he wants to call it (see this lengthy post).

Michael has been terrorizing other artists, asking them work for free (source), and if they don't, he would put them on the Unreal scam-list, until the Unreal moderators stepped in and remove his moderation status.

Many of his untrue, slander-posts were removed (formerly 1000+, to 800+, then 400+, then 300+, then 200+, then 100+, previously 67, previously 56, now 43). How low will Michael's defamatory-posts-count go?

So Michael, after so many years,

  • Where is Michael's portfolio? Why are you asking artists to work for free, when you have no portfolio?

  • Why Michael, do you have fake LinkedIn profile where you worked 10 years, when you graduated from college 2 years ago? If you worked 10+ years, why are there no games, no apps to show for it?

  • Why is Michael contacting employers of the artists you screwed over, warning them, when Michael has no portfolio. What right do you have to contact them?

    This blog doesn't go around contacting employers of those artists - for the very reason that those employers, are hiring junior and interns, in physical locations, NOT, remote.

    AND, this blog removes remorseful artists, those that have compensated their victims.

Michael, do yourself a favor... STOP screwing artists over, learn to draw, model instead.

Asking for free concept art, free models and no longer an Unreal moderator... then threaten what?

This blog got tip-offs from several annoyed artists of harassment from Michael -

Please show them this page-link and let your employer know, that some no-portfolio artists is asking for work-for-free shit, and for some unfortunate artists, despite the fact that 4+ years have passed, contacting employers of those artists -- for incidents that happened in 2013 (now it is 2018) asking for them to be removed from their positions...

Michael, download Blender, LEARN it. get GIMP and if you have some money, like $20 a month, get Photoshop. If you can get $20 bux, use it to pay for your Photoshop subscription, and get yourself a Wacom tablet too.

What ****** this Micahel is, especially now 4+ years have passed since the original incidents happened in 2013, 2014 and the other artists have portfolios, things to show, while Michael has none.

Friday, 9 February 2018


"Watch out for this dev fake lies and marketing ploys. They will release assets with bugs and promise updates and fixes and offer lower price on things but will yank it and deprecate it rather then support it.
This is becoming the normal trend here of developers.
I would think twice about buying anything from them"

Monday, 25 December 2017

Marketing Scammer

The cat’s out of the bag. The title says it all.

This has been one of the most difficult posts to write because it hits so hard. A painful reminder to why I’ve been an emotional wreck this year and why 2017 has been so tough.

What should have been a great victory turned into one of the most emotionally harrowing experiences I’ve had to deal with in my life.

Now that we’ve finally managed to start delivery to our backers, we felt that we could finally tell the whole story."

For the story, see:

This is an excerpt. We have linked to the original article. You can see various replies in that original story.

Scam Artist: WoodShed Agency, GrooveBox Studios
Location: USA

Type of Scam Artist: Marketing Fraud
Position of Scam Artist: Vendor
Resolution: No Cooperation

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Terrain Engine scam, part II

------------------ -------------------- <>

to me  I saw

Dyox real name could be "Thomas Chen". That's the name associated to his @gmail account

He is living in France but on older contracts (directly with him), he asked to receive wires transfer to a bank account in Latvia or Lithuania (outside France in any case).

(France taxes are "high"...). He is directly selling his engine at 5 or 6 grands.

The "reseller" from HK was using "Joseph Cooper" for his nick over PayPal. I am not sure if they are from HK or India. They seem to be in mobile stuff mostly.

Jungle Games sent:

where one could chat with other people. There were like 70-100 people registered on this "github", maybe more (possibly all of them customers). Now it's "dead" since months when news broke no support/software update will be given.

I also lost +4000USD.

The main reason I trusted "Junglee Games" it is because the code owner (Dyox) publicly said on forums "Junglee Games" were his official reseller and to trust them and so on.

They did accept PayPal, which made payment very easy.

"Dyox" never accepted (dont accept) any online money transfer (PayPal or such). Only bank wires for whatever reason.

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

TerrainEngine - scam?

We're doing the next show about this issue, and will be live-streamed. If you have a beef against this vendor and need to vent it live, or if you're interested to participate, please contact

Hate to bring up old news....but this isn't old to me...I'm still paying this back...for something I NEVER GOT...

I actually agree here, I have defended Dyox gave him the benefit of the doubt... and I asked 6 month or more ago, if we could see proof or what he would do for us....Because I for one, WOULD of never gave Junglee 4 grand if Dyox didn't tell us to........I also did try to BUY many times before Junglee....So again you all seen I been supportive, but I lost total faith , since I get the silent treatment for this long.....Sorry but if this was any of you.......and you PAID someone, 4 grand, YOU would feel the same way, we all do.... So again there is only a hand full of us, and it wouldnt hurt Dyox one bit to update us.....but he choices to ignore us...So yes, now I'm a bit annoyed and feel betrayed now...... I no longer can be apart of this anymore......I don't know the truth, but being silent does not HELP his side for this long.....This is NOT a hobby, I also lost twice....since I also had an investor buy I had to PAY it back, since he got screwed.....that was FOOD out of my kids mouth.....So the least Dyox could of done was update us...Thats the price of business....I even sent proof......... I will repeat WE would have NEVER EVER bought it with OUT DYOX approval promoting us to do so.......So after giving this over 6 months thought and giving him time........

This is beyond unacceptable.. I want people to beware that this happen, because Dyox your FAULT or NOT a email takes 2 mins or less.....and guess what I have a business to run, I have a two year old, 4 year old to support, family ....and many, many clients, AAA companies I do business with, and I reply to my people....

So sir, not to bash you, and not trying to, but I been supportive , but this ignoring nonsense, is old..... now... and just angers people more... I know I won't get anything now.....but I think people should know what happen, and how people like me been supportive and did everything THE RIGHT way and still got the cold shoulder....Not saying your a bad man, I doubt that you are.... I just think, you don't understand business.. and when your business gets a bad name, its not easy to recover, word of mouth spreads, easy to...

Best of luck and I do mean the tool all the success.... its sad, that you couldn't take the time to help out a hand full of people who PAID 4 grand for a product you made, and told people to go buy....its not our FAULT, you have poor contract, management skills.... When I was new in business I made a mistake that cost my business thousands....and I was upset, it lead to me fixing it with customers and those people told others, and I got a huge contract that made me a lot that year.... If it went the other way, i would of lost more.... So you never know who knows who, and will GET you more business....

anyways, I would take this as a lesson, to work with people you know very well and have contracts....and good ones...

So people like us do NOT get screwed....

But I also can't see any of us trusting to give anyone a cent again, just to get this treatment again.... sorry... but fool me once...... if I do it again then its my fault..... wouldn't of cost you a cent to help those few people out that showed proof......for your mistake..

Ask anyone on the store, I know many people and helped many here, make a ton of money... but people I know, I been in this business for 20 + years..

Your very talented on the tech side, but like many talented on the tech side, they do not know business at all...This should of never gone on this long... Your trying to do everything your self.... and you are seeing what is happening.... as you grow you need to learn to hire some help.. and study business end more and I bet if marketing was there, you would even do more profits....

again best of luck.

Scam Artist: Dyox
Location: France

Type of Scam Artist: Vendor scamming - poorly made C# code, impossible to customize, poor-quality library, selling code that has no support (Open-source nonsense)

Position of Scam Artist: Vendor
Resolution: No Cooperation

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Truebones new animation sets.

Truebones new animation sets on Gumroad are actually from Mixamo.

Everything in it is from Mixamo! Xpando pack 1,2,&3!

Truebones New Evidences

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Livenda Labs - Fraud

A small update on how things are going with Livenda...

Althoug they claim on their website that "all updates are FREE and regular", I have never once received any single update after the original purchase.

Recently they advertised via e-mail "upgrade from V2.5 to V3 $60". Well I purchased that update.

And guess what I received... Absolutely nothing. Not download links, nothing. And their customer support e-mail remains totally silent. At least PayPal returned my money...

An update again - 

Did anyone actually get a 3.0 upgrade link after purchase. Looking for some kind of hope.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Asset Store Ripoff

This thread is meant to enlighten the folks who can fall prey to frauds on the asset store and a clear indication of why you must research as much as possible before you buy an asset.

Also a strong suggeston to not rely on assets with facebook support and no forum thread.

I give this advice to everyone I know already, but this time I failed to practice what I preach because I was too excited about the asset.

You could say I asked for it and I agree with you.
The intention of this post is not to flame but to educate. 

Here's the forum thread which provides the free project from @High_Noon with his shader

Here's the asset store link!/content/92792

When I downloaded the project the first thing I immediately did was to open up the shader code because I felt a certain amount of familiarity with the inspector parameter names on the shader.

For more details: